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Advanced Residential Management is a customer service oriented company specializing in the management of Single Family Homes, Apartments, Homeowner/Condominium Associations and Commercial Properties.

Do I need a property manager for my rental?

As the owner of a small-scale rental property, you may be undecided about whether or not to use a property management company.  If you've never managed an income property, it is tempting to assume that property management duties amount to "find a tenant, sign a lease, and receive rent checks," along with handling some minor maintenance issues from time to time.

In reality, managing tenant relations, staying on the right side of the law, being on call for any emergencies that come up, staying on top of home maintenance, conducting periodic property inspections, and handling the accounting and taxes can be a time-consuming effort.

Advanced Residential Management has developed systems that allow us to manage all of the above with maximum efficiency.  Our expertise allows us to prevent problems before they arise, as well as handle any issues that do come up with minimum distruption to your revenue stream.  If you are thinking about hiring a property manager, please contact Advanced Residential Management at 301-885-8878 or fill out the "Request More Information" form below.

Is property management affordable for rental owners?

Not only is property management affordable, using a property manager can actually increase your property's overall profitablity.  We charge a small percentage of your monthly rent in exchange for services that range from finding and screening tenants, to handling emergency maintenance, to keeping the books and property year-end tax reports.  With the new 1099 tax reporting requirements for payments made for rental properties you could easily find yourself with fines for failure to issue a required 1099. 

For what usually amounts to $100.00-$200.00 per month, you can outsource the responsibilities related to managing your rental property to Advanced Residential Management.

Do I need a management company for my Homeowners Association?

With a great HOA management company, your Homeowners Association will flourish.   You need a management company that can assist the Board of Directors to fulfill their goals for the Association, ensure that the Association is acting within its guidelines, and that can properly communicate with the Association Members.  Advanced Residential Management, Inc will provide a free one hour consultation, with one of our CMCA (Certified Manager of Community Association) Staff, to go over your Associations needs and discuss your Associations current status. If you are currently in need of a Professional Homeowners Association Management Company, please call us today at 301-885-8878 to schedule your free consultation, or fill out the "Request More Information" form located below to have one of our staff members contact you.